Omm Muruga College of Education,stands out as a centre of Educational learning with an aim of pursuing excellence in education.

The institution, B.Ed., course, accomplished faculties, best learning facilities and a modern campus established on the best environmental surroundings. The College provides a variety of stimulating environments for the students on intellectual development, free thinking, personal growth, dynamic learning opportunities and equipping themselves with skills, insights, attitudes and practical experiences that are necessary to take up responsibilities in the society.
Omm Muruga College of Education is equipped with computer and internet facilities, seminar hall, auditorium and well stocked libraries, sports and games fields.
As an exemplary institution of learning, Omm Muruga College of Education has envisaged an admission policy that enable access to education for students from all strata of society through appropriate scholarships.


To serve the people with a highly updated College of Education in this area with latest facilities so as to enable the poor and the rich to avail of good education.

To promote B.Ed.,course, and to foster the cooperation and exchange of ideas between the academic community thereby to develop entrepreneurship skills among students.

To impart Need based Education to the rural youth and produce Teaching competent professionals committed to Duty and Discipline with Dedication.

It is our Vision to see the institution as the preferred destination for B.Ed.,course of this territory.


The College will be embarking on a journey as an educational institution, by inculcating the hearts of people on the necessity and importance of quality education supported by an excellent infrastructure and right atmosphere to study, affordable to all sections of society.

Our Academic mission is to achieve several milestones in the field of Teaching by encouraging self-discipline among the students and do not like to breathe down their neck in the name of disciplining them, also ensuring that the faculty do not feel pressure or interference in their work environment.


This college is promoted by Omm Muruga Educational Trust. The Chairman Mr. S. Mohan is a successful educationalist and a visionary whose administrative and professional competence will provide a valuable source of strength for the accomplishment of the Institution's goals.

This is an institution among the affiliates of Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University, Chennai. The National Council for Teacher Education, Southern Regional Committee, Bangalore has granted approval for conducting B.Ed.,course in our College.